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what we do

  • ​​​We make accountancy as easy as possible for you so you never need to worry about it again.
  • We'll take care of all your accounts and tax returns needs
  • You'll never need to speak to HMRC , we'll do it all for you
  • Low cost monthly fees covering everything you need
  • Reduce your tax bills with our tax expertise
  • Unlimited help and advice for all you questions
  • Down to earth, friendly accountants here to help you​
  • ​Never get a penalty again!
  • ​super easy sign up, no contracts or minimum periods

So if you're thinking of changing your current accountant or getting an accountant for the first time, get in touch, we can help save you tax, time and stress!

Speak: 0808 2624242     Text: 07852117849     Email: hello@tattooaccountants.co.uk     Online here​

We're accountants for tattoo artists.  That means we know the industry, we know what you need and most importantly we know how to help you.

Most artists we've met are capable of some breathtaking works of art, both on and off skin. When it comes to numbers and paperwork though, not so good. And that's where we come in. We'll look after everything for you, answer all your questions, deal with all your HMRC correspondence, save you tax and NI and just generally make your life that bit more awesome!

We ain't like other accountants out there, we're the tattooed bearded pile of awesomeness that is tattoo accountants. More on why we're awesome.

"best damn accountant out there"



We helped Jamie go limited, set up his own shop, build his business and buy a house. All whilst keeping tax low.

"you saved my life"



We got her HMRC penalties refunded and tax returns up to date

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use tattoo accountants and save yourself tax, time and stress.

what our clients say:

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With our help he got the cash to buy an engagement ring (she said yes)

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