No robots or dinosaurs here.

We ain't old farts and we don't have any of that "press 1 for something" crap to put up with. 


We're the accountants for UK tattoo artists and studios. Get in touch to see how we can help save you tax, time and stress.

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+ Call: 0808 2624242                           

Hate letters?

You don't even need to read the damn thing. Just pass it onto us, (text, email, post, pigeon, whatever) and we'll sort it out for you and take care of what it's asking for. Be as involved or a lazy as you want with stuff, we'll do it for you.



there's regular accountants and then there's us!

Not all accountants are the same. No suits, no ties, no BS. 


We get you, we get the tattoo lifestyle. We get that you just want to draw and tattoo, you don't want to have to deal with tax and bookkeeping and HMRC and all that other crap. 

Well we can do all that for you, leaving you time to do your thing.

AND we're tax experts, so we can help you reduce your tax bills too. Sorted!

Fines are d!cks

Late tax return? Well that could be £1500 penalty! (or more).

Late limited accounts? Well that could be £3000 penalty! 

ORfor from just £25 a month never get a penalty again!



10 reasons you need us in your life:

1 - we know what we're doing: 

We're qualified accountants with over 10 years of experience, we ain't newbies or fools

2 - hassle free

We're all about making everything as easy as possible for you

3 - tried and tested: 

See what other artists have to say about us here (spoiler alert, we're awesome)

4 - never speak to HMRC again

We'll contact them for you and deal with any letters they send you, save you the time and hassle and the hours spent on hold!

​5 - pay less tax and national insurance

We're tax experts, we'll help you lower your tax and NI bills and take home more money.

6 - low prices: 

Amazing service at reasonable prices. There's always somebody cheaper, doesn't mean they are better.

7 - everything covered and unlimited help:

Everything you need covered by one low price and all your questions covered for no extra cost too. 

8 - outstanding customer service: 
We'll make sure you're well looked after. We're genuinely happy to help. 

9 - free when you are:

Hate using the phone? We love emails! Hate emails? We love speaking to clients, contact us how it suits you.

10 - never miss a deadline or get a penalty

Penalties can cost £1000's, we don't! We'll stay on top of everything for you so you don't need to worry about it.