In case you haven't guessed by the name Tattoo Accountants, we ain't like any other accountants out there, we're one of a kind.

Lets start at the end, as of today, Tattoo Accountants is made up of a small group of friendly, down to earth, experienced, qualified accountants. We also have beards (the men do), tattoos and never wear suits.

We all used to work at various companies for "the man", it meant suits and ties everyday, it meant hiding tattoos, it meant timesheets and budgets just to make a brew and it generally meant being a miserable twat.

Not only that but we found that "the man" may be good at numbers and spreadsheets but they treat everybody like numbers and customer service was shocking.

AND worse than that, they were (generally) stuck up, pretentious gits looking down their noses at certain people. Right before the birth of tattoo accountants an artist was rejected as a client by "the man" just coz of how he looked/what he did.

We said; 
"SCREW YOU GUYS"(in our best Cartman voice) and Tattoo Accountants was born.

A group of us got together so that we don't have to be a part of that grey suit corporate world and neither do you. We have our qualifications and experience and we have a dedication to customer service so tattoo artists, piercers (and anybody else really) can get great accountancy and tax advice but from down to earth people that are genuinely happy to help.

So don't deal with people that treat you as a number, use accountants that embrace individuality! 
(We're also qualified, experienced and cheap and offer a mint service and stuff too).​ More on what we off
hereor read some of our praise here.

Get in touch today just to say "hi" and get a feel for us, see what you think. Or get a quote and see how much money we could save you. Check out more about us here.

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