1 - Spend money*

2 - Get your records together

3 - Are you registered?

4 - Speak to your accountant

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The tax year ends on 5th April, what should you be doing to get ready for it?

1 - Spend money*

*ON WORK EXPENSES. Say for example you need some supplies, it's better to buy them on or before the 5th April then it is on the 6th of April, saves you tax sooner.

Planning a big purchase? Need some new equipment, new machines, camera, phone, ipad, etc? Then chances are you're best buying it before the end of the tax year. Even if it's on HP, start it this tax year.

We'd always recommend speaking to your accountant before clicking "buy it now" though, so they can advise you further. If that's us then get in touch.

2 - Get your records together

Get you records together, get them all together and put them somewhere, so they're together. Don't put them in the records museum or the records store, get them ready to pass to your accountant. Future you will thank you for doing this now.

We've records templates you can use and we can help advise what sort of stuff you should be keeping, just ask.

3 - Registered yet?

If you've done any self employed work in the past 12 months then you must register as self employed for taxes and national insurance. We can do that for you though, for free for clients.

4 - Speak to your accountant

They'll be able to advise you further on the sort of stuff you should be thinking about. Don't have an accountant? Then speak to us, we'll be happy to help.