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​Our fees are like everything we do, as easy and clear as possible. 

Whether you're an apprentice just starting out, an established artist or own your own studio we've got an accountancy solution for you here.



  • Everything covered by one fee, no extras, add-ons, hidden charges other crap stuff.
  • Every other accountant will charge you a large one off fee but we keep it low and monthly, which is totally easier to pay.
  • CHEAP! You paying monthly means less of our time chasing payments so more time for accountancy, keeping our costs low.
  • Asking your accountant a question normally just adds more to your bill, with us your monthly bill covers everything you need for a low fixed fee so questions don't cost more.
  • Fixed fees mean no nasty surprises, you pay exactly what you expect to, when you expect to.
  • Agree to a fee and we'll stick to the fee, pay monthly and we'll not increase your prices.