We're the accountants for UK tattoo artists and studios. Get in touch to see how we can help save you tax, time and stress.

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Most accountants are old fuddy duddy grey suit loving folks. We're not. We're down to earth friendly people that talk in plain English and understand the tattoo world.

What most people say when they first meet us? "You don't look like accountants." Nope, we don't. A tie doesn't make you smart or good at your job. Experience and hard work make you good.

We are experienced, qualified, accountants. Tattoo Accountants has been going over 5 years now and we worked at over places for 10 years before that so trust us when we say we know what we're doing.

We have a simple plan in terms of our services to you. WE MAKE EVERYTHING AS EASY AS POSSIBLE FOR YOU

We get you and the tattoo lifestyle, you're all about the art, not about numbers and form filing. We're the opposite, numbers are our lives so WE'LL DO ALL THE FORMS AND PAPERWORK FOR YOU

Even though we offer so much by such good staff we don't want to charge a fortune for our services so we keep our prices low. OUR PRICES ARE LOWER THAN THE PENALTIES AND TAX YOU COULD PAY WITHOUT US!

Our low monthly fees also cover all the questions you can ask. When you sign up you'll get YOUR VERY OWN FRIENDLY, DEDICATED ACCOUNTANT. 

We don't hide behind our calculators, we love going out and meeting our clients. We'll be attending most of the major conventions so come say hi.

We keep your stuff right so WE KEEP HMRC OFF YOUR BACK.

We can help you get a mortgage, get a new car, improve your credit rating and lots of other cool things.


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